Welcome to the New Studio! | Hartville Ohio Photographer

I can’t believe it’s already been a year (14 months to be exact!) since I moved into my studio in North Canton. And while it has been an amazing year where my business has seen so much growth, I also felt very limited in what I could do in my studio. Once we got into winter and I was shooting there exclusively, some of those issues became even more apparent and with the end of my one year lease coming up, I knew it was time to start considering the idea of moving. After lots of looking around, I found a new place I love and am so excited to announce my new studio located in downtown Hartville opening June 1st!

So why the big change?

The biggest reason? More Room! I remember when I moved into my space in North Canton with its 500 square feet, it felt huge and so spacious. Yet once I got the bed set up and the couch in place, I quickly found it was nowhere near enough room for what I wanted. I spent most of my sessions rearranging the furniture, moving my bed in and out of the way, and pushing my newborn bean bag around to get the room I needed for each session. Like I’ve said to most of my families lately, it’s like I’m playing tetris during every session. I also wanted to build a frame for my bean bag but had no space to permanently set it up, which meant Moms often had to help me hold and position the blankets which is not always fun or easy for a postpartum Mom.

Another huge problem this new space solves is the addition of a waiting room. My studio in North Canton was all one big room. Normally I’m in there doing one newborn session a day so it wasn’t a huge issue but come Christmas Minis or back to back sessions and it was a nightmare. I often had to ask families to wait in their cars in an effort not to interrupt previous sessions, which didn’t work well and made me feel rude. It also has a separate changing room instead of my current makeshift one in the back, giving Moms more space when trying on dresses from the studio wardrobe. Both rooms also give the added bonus of offering Moms a private, quiet room to retreat to if they need to nurse during a newborn session.

This new location also opens up lots of possibilities for you to come and view the studio and meet me without having to book a session. I often wanted to do an open house in North Canton but between the small parking lot and lack of room, it wasn’t an option. With the move to Hartville, it also gives opportunities for Open Houses during their many festivals throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. Being right in the heart of downtown, the ability to participate and be a part of all the community events was a huge bonus for me. I have always wanted to be in a space where I could be more involved and give back to the local community.

And lastly, Location! There are so many amazing shops all within a minute’s walk from my studio. You want coffee? Hazlett’s coffee is my next door neighbor. Pizza? Pizza BOGO is just three doors down. Donuts? Peace Love and Little Donuts of Hartville is 4 doors down. Looking for last minute clothes for your kids to wear to your session? Two E’s in a Pod is across the street. And of course there’s other fun shops like the Hartville Chocolate Factory and Modern Vintage! Coming to my studio now gives you access to lots of fun, unique small businesses that you can visit afterwards.

I could not be more excited about this move and all the possibilities it will open and the better experience it will provide for you when coming to a session with me. I’ll be spending the next six weeks transforming and getting the space ready and will be sharing sneak peeks as we work on social media so make sure to follow me there to stay up to date!



A picture of the new Stephanie Simmons Photography studio opening in Hartville Ohio on June 1st!