Wardrobe Styling For Portrait Sessions | The Client Closet | Akron Canton Lifestyle Family Photographer

As I move into busy season with summer sessions in full swing and fall just around the corner, wardrobe styling is something that I love doing and have been wanting to incorporate more into my sessions.  Wearing the right wardrobe can literally make or break your session.  Colors that are too bright, patterns that are too busy, outfits that are too matchy pull focus and take away from the beautiful connection your family shares, which is the most important part of the session.  Whereas a wardrobe that is well thought out with regards to color and movement can enhance your pictures and keep the focus where it should be: you and your family.  So it’s with that thought in mind that I am so excited to announce that from this point forward with every session booked, wardrobe styling is now included! In your booking questionnaire I will ask questions about your family’s style, where you shop, what colors you like, etc. and will use those answers to create a wardrobe that is personal and unique to your family.

One of the features of personalized wardrobe styling is the addition of style boards.  Below you will find an example of a style board that would be sent to you after booking. In general I try to stick to stores such as Target, Old Navy, Gap, H&M, Zara, or my favorite online boutiques to keep pieces incredibly affordable. Do you have to buy these? Absolutely not! This is simply a jumping off feature to help you start planning.  Maybe this will remind you of something in your own closet to build around, maybe you’ll like the color palette but not the individual outfits and it will help guide your search, or maybe you’re a busy Mom who doesn’t have the time or energy to plan a wardrobe and wants it done for them which is totally fine too! I love helping in this way and am always available to answer questions or even shop for ideas for you.

I am also excited to announce the launch of my client closet! I’ve been slowly building on this for the past few months and it’s finally ready for use.  For now it’s just a collection of maxi dresses for Moms that can be borrowed for family, maternity, and in home lifestyle and newborn sessions, however I’m hoping to slowly add clothes for the entire family in the future.  I’ve taken into consideration different sizes and styles buying dresses with no zippers and elastic waists which means they can easily be worn across several different sizes.  I have dresses for conservatives Moms or ones who want to make more of a statement, ranging in sizes from S-XL.  Again, all available to borrow when you book a portrait session with me!

Example style boards to help clients plan what to wear to a family portrait session with Stephanie Simmons Photography


If this is something you want for your family’s portrait session, I’d love to chat with you! Shoot me an email at and we can begin planning your next portrait session.