The What to Wear Series | Wardrobe Styling Tips | Stephanie Simmons Photography

I am so excited to unveil a new blog series titled “The What to Wear Series”! I have been planning this for months now as a guide to give families more direction and feedback as they plan for their family session. Wardrobe planning can be a huge stress when getting ready for a portrait session and one area I think people can easily feel overwhelmed or lost with. As I say constantly, what you wear will literally make or break your session. I can put you in the perfect location, with the perfect light, in the perfect moment but if your wardrobe doesn’t photograph well, that moment will not show its best and will pull focus from where you want it.

Over the next few months I will be sharing more from this series in an effort to take some of the guesswork out of wardrobe planning. I’ll be sharing a lot of the WHY behind my styling, why I encourage maxi dresses, why I push for certain colors and patterns over others, why I love neutrals for Dads, along with tips, tricks, and some of my favorite boutiques to buy from for the whole family. My hope is this will be a great resource that will walk you through the planning process and give you the confidence to pull together wardrobe for your family session that will be flattering, create movement, add texture, and photograph beautifully!

I thought this first blog post would also be the perfect time to announce the new styling software I have teamed up with and am so excited to share with you.  After booking any session with me, you will given access which allows you to coordinate, plan, and shop directly from within their website. It’s super easy and fun to use, and pulls from reputable retailers such as Target, Old Navy, Gap, Zara, H&M, Carter’s and others and updates every 72 hours to make sure inventory is always in stock. Here are some looks I was able to pull together in about five minutes, all complete with links on where to purchase. Both were planned for a family of five with a school aged boy, a toddler girl, and a baby boy.

The first was planned for an outdoor session with a blue/maroon/white color scheme. I love blue for outdoor sessions as it really pops from the greenery. I focused on more neutrals for the boys, and kept the Mom & Daughter in flowy dresses, perfect for movement and twirling. Patterns are kept to a minimum and very simple so as not to be too distracting or pull focus.

Ideas for what to wear to an outdoor family session with Stephanie Simmons Photography

The second was planned for a session in my studio. I find whites/ivorys/blush/green to be a beautiful color combo that really compliments the studio well so I chose it for this example as well. Boys again are kept more neutral, Mom & Daughter in flowy dresses, and patterns kept very simple and to a minimum. I also love to pull in texture when possible indoors so I went with the lace for Mom and the knit for the baby boy to add some fun detail.

Ideas for what to wear to a studio session with Stephanie Simmons Photography

Again with both cases, all of this is done in about five minutes with links to purchase everything and results can be emailed to you to be saved for later. I am so excited about this software and love how it guides families while still giving you complete control.

Keep your eyes out over the coming months as I go more in depth and share more insights into my wardrobe styling process. Have a specific question you’d like to hear a post on? Leave a comment below and I’ll consider making a blog post on it!

If this sounds like something you want for your family session, I’d love to chat with you! Shoot me an email at and we can begin planning your next portrait session.