The Morgan Family | Family Beach Session | Mentor Headlands State Park

are the poem 
I never knew 
how to write 
and this life 
is the story 
I have always 
to tell.” – Tyler Knott Gregson


I have dreamed of doing sessions on the beach since I started this business four years ago. It is just my absolute favorite place to be. However living in Ohio, the land of no mountains, no ocean, and nothing but green, I have repeatedly pushed it aside assuming it would never happen. Then suddenly last winter it came to me. Lake Erie! We have some amazing beaches just an hour north of us that could make the perfect beach backdrop. I decided to float the idea out there to all my repeat clients about heading up to Mentor Headlands State Park for a weekend of family sessions, assuming it would be radio silence. To my surprise I had not only one, but two families, excited and wanting to join me. 

I met the Morgan Family up there for my first night of beach sessions. They have been with me for probably three years now and from the first moment Julie emailed me wanting a family session, there was something about her that I just clicked with instantly. Every time I get to work with this sweet family, it feels like hanging out with old friends. 

We spent the evening strolling along the sand and playing in the water. And I’m sure you can see that a certain little miss had a ball running and playing all along the beach. We ended the night soaked and messy, but the sunset was absolutely gorgeous and so worth it. 

I’ll likely be opening these up again this year, so if you feel like you missed out, stay tuned….