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So it’s come to my attention lately that some of my work could be considered lifestyle photography.  This caught me a little off guard as I never would have classified myself as such.  When I think of lifestyle, I think of black and white pictures indoors just following kids around in their homes which is so completely opposite my style to be honest.  Then I started thinking of some of my favorite pictures.  They are all ones of my children where we were out doing family activities and I got genuine, real emotion.   It’s not the pictures where I dressed my kids up in nice outfits and went for formal, family portraits but just the everyday moments that stick out most to me.  In fact, it’s these very pictures that have gotten featured on blogs both through Facebook and Instagram.

Stephanie Simmons Photography | Akron Canton Northeast Ohio Family Photographer

For the past few months I have thought and thought about how to get those same style of pictures into my portrait sessions and it has always stumped me.  I’ve always taken a more lifestyle approach playing fun games and bringing favorite toys to get great candid pictures. Then the other day it hit me, why aren’t I doing lifestyle sessions but just in my style? Unposed, unscripted, outdoors and full of light, life, and lots of color, just letting me tag along with you on special everyday activities.

If you’re looking for something more informal, no worries over the right wardrobe, and absolutely no direction from me whatsoever, then I think this is the session for you. Imagine just going out for a fun night as a family.  Maybe it’s to your usual playground just to play, maybe it’s for a fun special event like a carnival.  You are simply interacting and enjoying your time as a family.  No one there telling you to stand here, pose here, do this.  No photographer telling you what to do, just me hanging out and capturing your family in a natural way and all the candid, real expressions as you have fun. Think about your everyday moments or an activity you find special and would want documented, that’s what these sessions are for.

Stephanie Simmons Photography | Akron Canton Northeast Ohio Family Photographer

Some possible ideas:

  • Playing at your favorite playground
  • Festivals
  • Your Local Swimming Pool or Splash Pad
  • Boating
  • Hiking
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Amusements parks like Tuscora Park
  • Waterparks like Wild Water Kingdom, Waterworks, or Urichsville Water Park
  • Visiting the Cleveland or Akron Zoo

The possibilities are endless!

Fisheye Fun | Akron Canton Northeast Ohio Family Photographer

Will I still be offering my traditional portrait sessions? Absolutely! This will just be a new choice to meet more family’s needs and styles in effort to continue offering custom, unique portraits as I do. I love the pictures I get of my kids when we are out having fun and would love to offer those memories to other families as well.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session like this within the Akron, Canton, or Cleveland area, I would love to chat with you! Please contact me through my website, email me at,  or give me a call at (330) 612-2993.

Lifestyle Photography | A New Addition | Stephanie Simmons Photography