Scroll below to get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about sessions with Stephanie Simmons Photography

When should I schedule my session?

I generally book a month or two in advance, so for the most flexibility on scheduling and to ensure I have a spot for you, I suggest contacting me a few months ahead of your anticipated session time.

Maternity sessions should take place when the Mom to be is between 30-34 weeks.

Since I am a lifestyle newborn photographer and do not offer posed newborns, I can schedule newborn sessions anytime in the baby’s first twelve weeks of life.

Where are sessions located?

Families sessions are held outdoors where kids have room to run and play. I have spent lots of time scouting locations that match my style and get good light and have handpicked all of the locations I use.

Newborn sessions are held in my studio in North Canton, Ohio.

Maternity sessions can be done in my studio or outdoors.

What should I bring?

I will bring a quilt for you to sit on for your session which is all you need. I want to focus on your family dynamic and connection so I try to avoid the use of props unless it is something that has significant sentimental value to your family like a quilt your Grandma made or the teddy bear your daughter has been permanently attached to for the past year and considers part of the family (yes, I’m speaking of my own daughter here!).

Bringing snacks, bug spray, or extra clothes for the kiddos is always a good idea.

My studio sessions come stocked with everything you need from wardrobe to blankets to baby headbands and all come included with your session. I want you to feel cozy and at home when you come for a session with me.

What to Wear?

This is a very important part of the planning process for your portrait session.  Wardrobe choices can make or break your session.  Be sure to check out my What to Wear Tips and Pinterest board by clicking below.  With every session booked I offer personalized wardrobe and styling advice, as well as the option to borrow from my Client Closet of gorgeous Maxi dresses.  Depending on your preferences, wardrobe advice can be in the form of custom styling boards, personalized shopping links, or help planning using items already in your closet.

What to Wear

Pinterest Board

What is your photography style?

I am a lifestyle photographer and love that style because it focuses on connection and the beautiful chaos of everyday life with little ones. My favorite sessions are when families are snuggling and loving on each other, and kiddos are running, playing, twirling, and given the freedom to just be. I look for moments over traditional portrait poses, so please keep that in mind when booking a session with me. I have a standard workflow I follow, however depending on family dynamics and kid cooperation it changes for every session.

If you are looking for a photographer that will do posed, traditional, looking at the camera pictures I am probably not the right photographer for you.  I offer a couple of those type of pictures at the beginning of every season but the majority of your pictures will be with you NOT looking at me, but instead looking, smiling, and interacting with your family.

I also love light infused images, which means I only schedule sessions 60 minutes before sunset *OR* after sunrise.  For early spring and late fall, this can mean sessions will start anywhere from 4-6 pm, whereas mid summer it can be as late as 8pm.  If your child’s bedtime is going to be an issue, please plan your session accordingly for the time of year that will work best.

What does a typical session look like?

Outdoor Maternity and Family sessions are about an hour long and scheduled one hour before sunset.  I start out with a few traditional, posed pictures where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. However, then I let everyone loose to run and play.  We will cuddle, play games, and make it a fun time together for your family.  I try to get a variety of pictures of the family together, the kids individually and together, as well as pictures of Mom & Dad alone, however, my sessions are very family led so it all changes depending on your family dynamic and kid cooperation.

Studio sessions are an hour long in my all white, natural light studio and are focused around my studio bed where families can snuggle and play.

How do I book?

When you are ready to book, I will email you a proposal which will contain all your session information, your questionnaire, your contract, and your invoice for your retainer fee. You will also be able to choose your session date directly from my calendar saving us the hassle of several emails back and forth trying to find a time that works for everyone. Give me as much information as you can in your questionnaire because that will help me to plan your session. The retainer fee reserves your session date and is nonrefundable. The remaining balance is due one week prior to your session date. For this reason I ask that you wait to contact me until you are ready to book. All paperwork is due back within three days to hold your spot. Session location will be determined after booking.

When can I expect my pictures?

I will post a few sneak peeks on Facebook with three days of your session.  You are welcome and encouraged to share them, as well as make them your profile and/or cover photo. I only ask that you do not crop out my watermark.

Your online gallery will be available within 2-3 weeks and can be shared on social media if you desire.

Where do I print?

Your session comes with printing rights so you are welcome to print through whatever lab is your preference, although I ask that you do not use Walmart or Printer Kiosks such as those in RiteAid or Walgreens as they alter the color and quality and are not intended for professional photographs.

I offer printing through my labs for those looking for the best quality.  All products and prices are listed on my pricing page and are in addition to your session fee.

For a local lab, I suggest Van’s Camera in Belden Village.  For online printing I highly recommend For canvases, I recommend Artsy Couture.

Where is your studio located?

943 S Main Street

North Canton, Ohio 44720

Do you offer referral credit?

Sure do! If you refer five people that book sessions with me, I will gift you a complimentary session of your choice.