A question I get asked often is “When is the right time for newborn pictures?” and every time my answer is “It depends”. The newborn photography world will have you believe that newborn pictures have to be done before the baby is 14 days old which for some Moms can feel really quick after giving birth. You’ve just gotten home from the hospital, your body is a mess, you’re adjusting to little sleep and life with a newborn and the idea that you have to get camera ready within 14 days can be really overwhelming to some. Add in a c-section or a rough labor and for some Moms, it’s too much too soon.

Well I’m here to say that this idea that you have to do your newborn pictures that soon is just not true! At least not with me anyway. There is a place for it with posed newborn photographers as they need babies to be in that really sleepy phase still so they can move and pose them without them waking them up. However for someone who isn’t posing babies in that manner, it’s not as necessary. As I tell my Moms, it just depends on your preferences. If you want that tiny, fresh, sleepy babe then yes, you want to plan for under two weeks old. However I have no problem if your baby is older and in fact, it can make for an easier session and here’s why.

Baby Ollie here was two months old when he came in for his session. Because he was older, he was more settled and calm. He didn’t need to eat constantly, could make eye contact, and HE WAS SO EXPRESSIVE. He would give me the biggest smile ever and then two seconds later scowl at me like “Who do you think you are??”. I laughed so hard during his entire session and how interactive he was. He didn’t sleep for very long which meant we got lots of pictures of his big, beautiful eyes. And I love all the little details too. His little curly hair at the back of his head, the baby yawns, the sweet snuggles and kisses with Mom, the pride just beaming from Dad. There is so much love in these moments.

Mom’s Dress is from my studio wardrobe, available to borrow whenever you book a session with me and it’s one of my favorites. I love the way the color pops in the studio.

I hope you love these moments as much as I do!